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Local DMC St Petersburg – At Rusmice St Petersburgh, we excel at high level incentives, FITs, groups and sport events. We take great pride in presenting you and your clients with special WOW concepts.

We have got a wide range of approved and preferred suppliers in St Petersburg and around the world allowing us to hold an event of any size but at the same time maintain competitive, clear & fair pricing.

Known for our dedicated customer focused staff, divided by specific destination expertise, we will be your unique, strong, reliable and reputable partner for St Petersburg.

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Why St Petersburg is such a great destination

Built on a swamp in the 18th century with tremendous effort and made to a grand capital by Tsar Peter the Great, golden St Petersburg has become the Window to the West and one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Famous for The Hermitage, with an enormous collection of art, the stunning Winter Palace, a baroque picture of a palace, the Peter and Paul fortress – first building of St Petersburg. White nights in St Petersburg are world famous, the sun never sets in the summer months, providing stunning skies and a wonderful atmosphere in the city.We have a vibrant nightlife, opera, ballet and music. There is so much to do in our city that we would be delighted to cherry pick the best places, the greatest restaurants and most exclusive venues for you and your clients.

We can propose the most incredible WOW’s you need. Why not give us a chance? We will not disappoint you.

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A fantastic day in St Petersburg

Have fun at the Hermitage, one of the world’s biggest museums, reveal the mysteries of the palace hidden by genius Leonardo da Vinci, guests from the past will help you.

Lunch at Rechnoy restaurant on the banks of the Neva river with a breathtaking view of the historical city center (located within walking distance from Peter and Paul Fortress)

Let’s discover how to play one of the most popular Russian games of all times, Gorodki, in the area of the first construction of the city and have some vodka on the way. Gorodki was invented by Russian peasant farmers, who would etch out a playing area in the ground and then knock wooden figures down with bats made from the very same wood.

Farewll dinner at the Sea Signora Restaurant in the heart of the city with delicious specialties, carefully prepared for you by the chef.

For more highlights, don’t hesitate to ask us. We would be delighted to assist.

program idea st petersburg hermitage
program idea st petersburg hermitage at night - visit

Our Destination Management Services in St Petersburg

Rusmice – your Destination Management Company in St Petersburg specializes in:

Conferences, Conventions, Congresses, Conference Logistics, Corporate Functions, Corporate Group Travel, Corporate Meetings, Corporate Travel, Events, Event support services, Gala Dinners, Guides, Ground handling, Hotel Bookings, Local Excursions, Meetings, Meeting venues, Product Launches, Restaurant venues, Reward trips, Seminars, Special Interest Groups, Teambuilding Events, Themed Dinners, Transport, Stimulation and Motivation trips, Venue finding

Travel Facts St Petersburg

Travel facts
Language in our country is Russian 
Local time in our country and public holidays
For the latest Passport and visa information, it is always best to contact your local embassy

Travel Facts

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