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For more than 30 years, we have put together the most delicate and creative proposals for travel to Greece. Based in Athens, our long experience means we have great supplier relationships and can offer you the best locations. We know Athens inside-out. We have a strong, multi-lingual team in place. We would love to assist you with everything you need for your FITs, your groups and your most amazing incentives.
We would love to welcome you to Athens, a city we love, and share its beauty with you and your clients.

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Please visit our Greece page, which includes testimonials and a map of Greece. You will also find more info about me, John Casulli. 

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Why Athens is such a great destination

Delightful Athens, city of the gods of mythology, city by the sea, cosmopolitan, lively, sunny, where thousands of years of history are seeped into the atmosphere.

Athens is dominated by the Acropolis, which overlooks our city in all its majesty. There are outside cafes, restaurants and bars, the food is excellent and life is easy.

Did you know that the Acropolis is the name of the hill, but the name of the temple built on top is the Parthenon? The marbles, statues on the Acropolis are simply amazing. Some were shipped in the 19th century to the United Kingdom, called the Elgin Marbles. 

With a glass of ouzo in one hand, a delightful dinner with the freshest ingredients, and a sunset that entrances, life does not get much better than this. Sunshine year round, Athens forms a perfect base for incentives and events. There are great flight connections and superb venues to hold special events.

At MIgreeCE DMC Athens, we would be delighted to assist with groups, incentives and events. We just have the best ideas for you and your clients and access to the most exclusive venues. Glorious horizon travel awaits you. 

We also specialise in cruises, cruise excursions, food tours and more delights to entertain the clients. 

From Athens, you can sail the Greek islands, like Mykonos, Santorini, Corfu and Crete.

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History of Athens:

begins more than 3000 years ago when during the prehistoric times its first inhabitants created their first settlement on the rock of Acropolis. It took hundreds of years until the sacred rock of Acropolis finds its glory during the golden age of Pericles 495 – 429 BC with the construction of most of its Monuments like the.

During those thousands of years Athens went through times of Glory and times of decline. Finally became the Capital of Greece in 1834 mostly for its location and historical importance.

Beach Olympics

The Aim..
The ultimate aim is the team to participate in the Activity, designed in its own way that consists of several
The major aim of the Games is to highlight the importance of Teamwork, Achievement, Commitment and

The Procedure..

• The group is divided into teams of 8-12 members, with a different name each and a different color of baseball
caps or t-shirts or bandanas, upon arrival [at extra cost]
• The facilitators hand the activities program & the rules and regulations of the activities as well as the
evaluation system so as the teams realize how they are going to be evaluated

• Teams are then guided by the facilitators to their first activity
• The teams get involved in a rotating program, and in every spot we have at least two teams participating
• After their first activity the facilitators lead them to the next one as described on the timetable
• Approximate duration of each activity is 15-20 min
• During each activity the facilitators evaluate their performance
• At the end all results are converted into points so as to find the top three teams
• The top three teams will be presented with medals

Please contact us, MIgreeCE, DMC Athens, if  you need more information about program ideas or Product launches.

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