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The Baltic Travel Group, is one of the best destination management companies in Lithuania. We’re a reliable and dynamic Destination Management Company in the Baltic States, providing the complete range of services for individuals, groups and businesses. Located in Lithuania we combine local knowledge with guaranteed high quality service at competitive rates. Our team delivers customized itineraries, one stop shopping, comprehensive and innovative programs, reliability and excellent value. Our team is at your disposal and we would love to share the beauty of Lithuania with you.

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for FITs, groups and MICE to Lithuania

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Why Lithuania is such a great destination

Lithuania is a treasure of a country with its beautiful sea coast, white sandy beaches, stunning nature, crystal clear lakes, green forests that stretch forever and to top it all, Vilnius. Vilnius is a true gem, with cobbled streets, old churches, lovely restaurants and an artist’s center. 

There is a unique spot on the coastline called Curonian Spit, simply stunning, with wetlands, birds, lakes and forests.

With a vibrant nightlife, both in Vilnius and on the coast, there are also plenty of activities to undertake in the rest of the country. Lithuania prides itself on its warm and welcoming people. At The Baltic Travel Group, DMC Lithuania, we would love to assist you with your next travel.

Incentives and Events in Lithuania

Event DMC Lithuania

Lithuania dining in the sky event

Fantastic dinner event in Lithuania – eating in the sky

Meeting DMC Lithuania

company meeting dinner

We organise company meetings with superb food

Incentive DMC Lithuania

incentive lithuania sailing regatta

What is nicer than to soar over the waves in a sailing regatta with your team. Great incentive

Program ideas Lithuania

Today we visit Trakai, the former capital of Lithuania. The city is located on an island in the middle of a lake. The 14th-century red brick castle now houses an art museum. The castles of Trakai are the most famous works of the defense architecture in Lithuania. The ancient town of Trakai, surrounded by lakes, is one of the most impressive and picturesque locations in Europe. Here is still a small community of Karaites, they profess Judaism. It is believed that they were transferred from the Crimea by the Great Lithuanian Duke Vytautas.

12h00       Lunch at local restaurant

Located at the confluence of the Nemunas and Neris rivers, Kaunas with a population of 430,000 inhabitants is the second largest city in Lithuania. Kaunas was not destroyed during World War II, which has a large number of ancient architectural monuments. The old town contains the 13th century castle, the old town hall, nicknamed the white swan, the basilica, the church of St. Francis Xaverius and the Jesuit Monastery, the Perkunas

program idea lithuania
program idea lithuania

Testimonial for Baltic Travel Group

Thank you one more time for your organization our Dealer Meeting, for your cooperation and attention to made our Meeting perfectly.
We got many good opinion from our guests about your services, organization city tour in Vilnius and Trakai…and the biggest thanks organization dance show, it was great!

Z powazaniem / Kind regards



Short Bio Vlad Koriagin – Lithuania

More about me

Born in 1971, Riga, Latvia, I studied in the School of Economics in Stockholm. In 1992 I started to work in the travel business and I loved it. I have even received a “Man of the Year” in tourism in 2007 and once again in 2014. I am passionate about the Baltic states and travel. I consider it my life’s mission to make the Baltic states a world famous destination.

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