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We have made it our business to learn and travel all of Tibet and build the best relationships with suppliers. This is the best possible base to create the most interesting and creative proposals for you and your clients. Client satisfaction is what our team focuses on. We are proud of Crown DMC. It shows in the way we work with you, from initial request, to proposal to operations. Welcome to Tibet, we would love to welcome you to Tibet.

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About Tibet: program idea, infographic and map

Why Tibet is such a great destination

More than sixty years ago, Tibet was known as the Forbidden City. A virtual treasure trove of riches and one of the most spiritual places in the world, Tibet was a mysterious Bhuddhist kingdom.

Also known as The Roof of the World and the Land of Snows, Tibet is nestled in the Himalayan mountains. It survived a rigorous Chinese intervention and today you will find restored monasteries and a Tibetan way of life is slowly coming back. Tibet is very special, it has the bluest lakes, the highest mountains, the deepest valleys and greenest forests in the world.

Lhasa, (means the Holy Land) is administrative capital of Tibet and seat of the Dailai Lamas, has more than 1000 years of spiritual and cultural history. It’s remote, at a very high altitude, and houses famous Buddhist sites like the Potala Palace and Jokhang temple. Mount Kawa Karpo is one of the most important pilgrimage sites in Tibet, and is one of the most holy mountains in Tiber. It is a famous trekking destination.

 You need a good DMC to make the most of your stay in Tibet, we hope to welcome you soon in this magical country.

Events and tours in Tibet

Event DMC Tibet

event dmc tibet dining with locals

Experience Tibetan hospitality firsthand with traditional Tibetan foods – the family will entertain you with local songs and dancing.

Tours DMC Tibet

tours deprung monastery tibet

Visit to Drepung Monastery which was one of the “three greatest” Gelug monasteries of Tibet. 

Leisure DMC Tibet

leisure yamdrok lake

Yamdrok Lake which is shaped like a scorpion. The lake is one of the four holiest lakes for Tibetans and is a fabulous shade of turquoise.

Program idea Tibet

 Lhasa – means holy land in Tibetan. Located on the northern bank of Lhasa River, a tributary of Yarlungtsanpo River, it is 3,650 meters above sea level. It is the capital city of the Tibet Autonomous Region and is a political, economic and cultural center of the region. It boasts many historical sites and scenic spots both in its urban areas and outskirts.
Day 04: Sightseeing tour of Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Barkhor Bazar.

Potala Palace: A fortress built atop Red Hill in the seventh century which over the years become a 13th storey, 1000 rooms from citadel to the primary of Buddhism of Tibet.. 

Potala Palace is the cardinal landmark and a structure of massive proportion. This symbol of Tibet, an architectural gem built in the colossal monastic style of Central Tibet by Gyelwa Ngapa, the fifth Dalai Lama, in the 17th century, stands 300m above the valley atop the hill called Marpo Ri. The thousand rooms in Potala date from 1645 when the fifth Dalai Lama began erecting a palace that would serve as a sacred and administrative center.

It served many succeeding Dalai Lamas and as one of Tibet‚s most impressive and enduring monuments, the Chinese Army of Red Guards protected it during the Cultural Revolution. As a result many of its chapels and treasures are intact, virtually unchanged since the 17th century Norbulingka Palace.

Jokhang Temple: This oldest Buddhist temple in Tibet (1300 years) contains Tibet’s most precious religious relic-a golden Sakyamuni Buddha, a gift of the Chinese Princess Wen Cheng. This relic is displayed in the Great Hall and is still sought out by the religious pilgrims. Jokhang Temple is in the heart of old Lhasa, most sacred temples in Tibet established in 7th century by King Songtsen Gampo, the King who brought Buddhism to Tibet.

Potala Palace Tibet program idea
Lhasa Tibet program idea

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The group was  very happy, satisfied and full of positive emotion, memories. Programme was very interesting, service very good – as always with Crown DMC.

Thank you very much for your great work and effort.

Short bio Tony Zhao – Tibet

More about me

Born in 1977, I finished my studies in 1999. I worked for some time as a tour leader, which gave me the opportunity to travel all over China, experiencing the country first-hand and also thought me to assist people in their travels.

During this time I gained a deep understanding of the travel industry. This resulted in creating my own company in 2005. 

I am very proud of my team of people who have the same philosophy as I do: My believe is that what goes around comes around in the positive sense: being honest with others results in others being honest with you. 


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