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Karma House is one of the top DMCs in Jordan, we have managed to build a great reputation. Our proposals are creative and we take great delight in assisting you with your requirements for traveling to Jordan. We work quickly and efficiently with attention to detail. we are devoted and willing to go the extra mile thus ensuring that our clients experience a truly memorable stay in Jordan.

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Est. 2003
Karma House
Al Barakeh Commercial Complex,
Prince Mohammad St 252,
Amman, Jordan

for groups and MICE to Jordan

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Why Jordan is such a great destination

Jordan is a beautiful country, you can have these amazing adventures in our country. It is wild, with limitless deserts where the Bedouin roam. The mountains of the North are covered in green forests, and where the Jordan River flows it is fertile and warm in winter. Dotted with the ruins of empires, it is “the last resort of yesterday in the world of tomorrow”- late King Hussein.

Stunning Petra, used as a setting in Indiana Jones, is simply to beautiful to describe and lends itself as a backdrop for the most glorious events. Close your eyes as you wander through Jordan’s many natural & human-made wonders: you could be in any century, and let yourself be welcomed by the unparalleled Jordanian hospitability and warmth.



Incentives and events in Jordan

Event DMC Jordan

event idea jordan

A fantastic event in Jordan. We can organise live music in the desert

Tour DMC Jordan

tour jordan

Luxurious tents in the Bedouin desert for camping with your group

Incentive DMC Jordan

incentive jordan orchestra little Petra

Little Petra forms a stunning backdrop for the orchestra. A truly memorable incentive. 

Program ideas Jordan

Private horse show
Depart for a fifteen minute drive to the Royal Stables to have a private tour of the Royal Stables and a 45 minute show of the most beautiful pure Arabian Horses owned by the Royal Family where some of them are world champions, the royal stables are not open for public to tour or have a horse show this activity will be done after obtaining special permission.

Wadi Rum

On this day we will pack an overnight bag for the overnight inside the desert of Wadi Rum and will put inside the 4x4s before going moving on foot to the main gate of Petra where, our staff will be ready to give out the tickets to the guests.

After the main gate at the horse station horses will be available for who would like to ride a horse led by a horse man for about 800 meters to the beginning of the Siq at the Siq the visit will start on foot.

The guests who do not wish to ride a horse will join the guide on foot till the Siq and all will meet and continue the guided tour on foot.

The Siq is the sole entrance to this lost Nabatean City, the Siq is a little over one kilometer long passage located between two 50 meter high cliffs that are about five to six meters apart ending at the main attraction of Petra, the Treasury.

The tour will include the Obelisk Tombs, the Siq, the Treasury, Nabatean Tombs the Theater and other sites of this red rose rock city.

Dinner at the Private Royal King Hussein Club in Amman

On arrival at the club a welcome alcoholic aperitif will be served in the Lavish lounge at its ground floor, followed by a set menu seated dinner that will be served at the ballroom of the club  at a private Garden of the club depending on the time of the year  and the size of the group.

For entertainment we can have a local duo perform during dinner back ground local Music then our DJ and Hi Fi System will be ready To play dance music for the evening OR we can have only a DJ HI FI System to Entertain the guests with back ground music during dinenr and continue with dance music

After desert is served the high light of this evening will be a belly dancer that will perform for 30 mintues to for the guests


Program idea Jordan Private stables
Program idea belly dancing desert Jordan
4x4 self drive desert Jordan program idea

Testimonials for DMC Jordan


Dear Raja, dear Rami,

it has been a great pleasure to work with you and Karma House for our recent group together. Thanks so much for all the hard work and long hours that went into this project. The trip was a great success and the client and guests were thrilled! And of course, so was I! I also hope that more people understand that Jordan is a safe country and will spread the word…

I would love to come back with a group or for a private vacation to your fantastic and beautiful country with so many great Incentive possibilities. Thanks again for everything and I hope to see you soon!

Kind regards



Short Bio Ghada Najjar – Jordan

More about me

I’m Jordanian and studied English language and literature with a minor in Business administration. 

I started my career in tourism in 1977, working for Gulf Air Amman. In 1987 I moved to Greece, where I worked for Hellenic Tours , KUONI, Athens Greece, Incoming Department. I was  Director of Sales, handling leisure and MICE.

In 1995 I moved back to Jordan and worked for UTA, United Travel Agency, where I was as a partner and managing director. 

In 2003 I established Karma House Travel in Jordan. Today we are one of the top DMCs in Jordan. 


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