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Saudi Arabia has everything you need if you want a spectacular event or incentive. We are a local DMC in Saudi Arabia. We have excellent contacts with hotels, restaurants and venues and therefor make each group into a success. You and your clients are what our business is about. As a result, we are with you every step of the way. We always try to show you the best of Saudi Arabia within your budget, because we’re in expert in groups and incentives to Saudi Arabia.

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for FITs, groups and incentives to Saudi Arabia

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A fantastic event in Abu Dhabi. We can organise tickets for Formula 1 races in Abu Dhabi

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Stunning hotels are the perfect backdrop for a well-organised meeting.

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Ferrari World is just one of the things to do in Abu Dhabi, but of course there are many other things we can organise for your group.

Why Saudi Arabia is such a great destination

Saudi Arabia is known for its oil production, and for the holy cities of Mecca and Medina where millions of Muslims gather every year for pilgrimage.

But did you know that Saudi Arabia has 5 UNESCO Heritage Sites, has outstanding natural beauty with deserts and mountains up to 3,200 m high and hospitable people.

Saudi Arabia has opened its doors to tourism late 2019 and welcomes visitors to its vast land. And there is a lot to discover; the capital Riyadh and the coastal city of Jeddah on the Red Sea are where any discovery of the country starts or ends; the country’s first capital Dir’iyah built in traditional mud architecture has been fully restored and is part of any visit to Riyadh.

The natural beauty of its deserts with high dunes and rock formations and of course the Nabatean site of Mada’in Saleh (Al Hegra) – a sister city to Petra in Jordan – and which was a major trading hub on the caravan routes across the Arabian Peninsula, Dedan and the rock art of Jubbah. The Hejaz Railway, forever made famous by Lawrence of Arabia, runs across the country to Medina and several of the stations have been restored and can be visited.

When one thinks desert, one thinks camels; and yes there are lots of them around and thus also plenty of camel markets around the cities.

The country is also home to the largest palm tree oasis in the world which places Saudi Arabia among the top producers of dates in the world and you will have the opportunity to try different varieties during your discovery of the country.We are an expert when it comes to groups and incentives in Saudi Arabia. Top dmc travel

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Medina is the second holiest city in Islam, after Mecca. A visit to the Dar-Al-Madinah museum,  located in the old Hejaz Railway Station, built by the Ottomans in 1908.

The trainline, which had its final station in Medina, has been immortalised in the movie ‘Lawrence
of Arabia’. The museum grounds holds trains and tracks on the railway, and has many artefacts
showing Medina’s history, from o.a. prehistoric to pre-Islamic, the life of the prophet and his family
and the cultural heritage.

We will visit the top of Mt Uhud, one of the mountains surrounding the city, visitors have a beautiful view
over the city.

Al Wahba Crater:
Al Wahbah Crater and Taif Overnight Trip From Jeddah – Al Wahba Crater is located between Jeddah/Ta’if and Medina and is 250 m deep with a diameter of 2 kms. The bottom of the crater is covered with glittering white sodium phosphate crystals.

It takes about 2,5 hours for the descent and climb back up, alternatively it is possible to hike on
the rim of the crater. The road to Al Wahba Crater is paved, no need for a 4×4.

The local legend as to its creation talks about two mountains falling in love with each other, Tamia and Cotton. A jealous mountain-cousin struck Tamia and the crater was formed where Tamia fell down. Geologists confirm the crater to be a maar crater.

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DMC Abu Dhabi – testimonials

Mike Hummel

2xceed handled everything relating to our group of 350 people. Ranging from the registration, accommodation, ground transportation, event buildup right up to offsite dinner events and experiences. 

From the initial stage of the planning process throuhgout the execution of the event and finally the conclusion of the event in Abu Dhabi, 2xceed took care of all our needs in a professional and organised way. Not only were our expectations met, but in most cases, exceeded.

From feedback and our overall experience with the 2xceed team, we would book them once again for any future events within the UAE. Perfect abu dhabi dmc


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