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BE Brazil is a top DMC, based in Rio de Janeiro. Our company has been headed by our family for many years now. Tourism is in our blood. However, we were very lucky to have such a great team assisting us with all requests, operations and service. We are customer focused and creative. Most team members stay with us for the long run, and many languages are spoken at our offices, so we can assist you if your English is as poor as your Portuguese, not to worry!

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Please visit our Brazil page, which includes testimonials and a map of Brazil. You will also find more info about me, Anna Nagy. 


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Est. 1963
Walpax DMC
Av. Das Américas, 3434, 5th floor – 502
Barra da Tijuca
Rio de Janeiro RJ 22011-010

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Why Rio de Janeiro is such a great destination

Rio de Janeiro, its beaches made famous by the unforgettable “Girl of Ipanema” song, which conjures visions of beautiful Brazilians strolling down the Ipanema beach. And of course, it’s not the only beach we have…

Already 450 years old, Rio has always been a thriving, pulsating city, ruled by the samba and bossa nova, where life is enjoyed to the fullest. Dinners stretch endlessly and don’t think anything of queuing up at midnight for a table in one of the popular restaurants.
Christ The Redeemer dominates the skyline, vieing with Sugar Loaf and its cable car and there is time to enjoy it  whilst sipping our  national drink – the famous “Caipirinha”: made with an alcohol called cachaça, mixed with lemon, sugar and ice.

Plenty to do in festive Rio, and we would be delighted to assist. At Walpax, DMC Rio, we would love to suggest a program that fits you and your client’s  personal preferences.

Program ideas Rio de Janeiro


Rio is a perfect combination of warm weather, beautiful sceneries, friendly people, music and happiness. A beauty that comes from its natural tropical environment where mountains, forests, beaches, lagoons, and vegetation form a dramatic back-drop.

Bike tour along beaches and lagoon with bike ride and optional activities

A pleasant tour along the most famous beach in the world. You will have the chance to feel how the cariocas enjoy theirs beaches, running, playing soccer and cycling along the seashore. 

Surf & Stand up classes on the beach: Surfing and Stand up are a popular sport in Rio, coming right after soccer. Arpoador beach is the point for practice of sport. The Brazilian coast is fantastic to surf and its many beaches have ideal conditions for easy and safe learning. You don’t have to have a previous experience but you must be willing to learn to ride the surf! Instructors are prepared to either teach beginners or assist experienced surfers.

Capoeira Classes
Capoeira incorporates several elements of the African culture: fighting, acrobatics and dance. Capoeira is recognized as martial art and disguised as a dance, but its principle lies in surprise and improvisation. The slaves from Africa brought the very first movements and created the capoeira in the rows of coffee, corn, the plantation fields – at the time it was a means of defense. The presentation includes a group of “jogadores” or players and the percussion instruments to set the pace and the berimbau – a one string instrument – that keeps the pace and sets the tone of the melody. The game is marked by fluid acrobatic feints, subterfuge and extensive use of leg movements, sweeps, kicks and head butts. Technique and strategy are the key elements of a good player.

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program idea rio de janeiro capoeira lessons

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