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Atlantik DMC is an top DMC in Iceland. We pride ourselves on the highest possible level of service, both for quotations as well as the operation of the groups. Atlantik appoints two project managers for each project,either of whom is present or accessible throughout the operation, unless otherwise noted. We are experts when it comes to creative incentive ideas.

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Est. 1979
Atlantik DMC Iceland
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108 Reykjavik

for FITs, groups and MICE to Iceland

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Why Iceland is such a great destination

Iceland is incredibly beautiful, with a landscape that mesmerizes and surprises. Volcanoes, geysers, magma chambers, fjords, we have it all. You can track across ice caps, climb mountains, take a dip in a hot pool whilst watching the stars, watch whales, Orca’s, Humpbacks and Blue Whales.

In Iceland you can also watch the Northern Lights, in fact we would seriously recommend a Northern Lights safari, which of course we can organise for you.

If you are searching for a rather unusual destination for your next event, Atlantik, DMC Iceland is the perfect choice for you.

Incentives and Events in Iceland

Event DMC Iceland

Driving jeeps off roading event Iceland
Fantastic team building event with super jeeps to the Glaciers in Iceland

Team activity DMC Iceland

Blue Lagoon iceland
Blue Lagoon in its otherworldly lava surroundings. You can enjoy a unique spa experiencewith a special “Blue Lagoon” cocktail. A great way to get into the group spirit

Incentive DMC Iceland

incentive iceland gala dinner
The most imaginative venues in Iceland for your gala dinners

Program ideas Iceland

The Blue Lagoon

Your visit to Iceland starts with a visit to Iceland’s most popular attraction, the Blue Lagoon. The Blue Lagoon is a natural geothermal spa surrounded by lava field and black sandy beaches. Have “the swim of your life” enjoying the comfort of the warm lagoon water.

Ice Caves
Amazing full day tour that includes the following:

● Deildartunguhver hot springs * ● Hraunfoss and Barnafoss * Waterfalls * ● Lunch at the charming Húsafell Hotel * ● A visit to the amazing Ice Cave with transfer from Húsafell to the glacier with an 8×8 monster truck. Duration: 10-11 hours

4×4 description – Super Jeeps (Optional package instead of a coach from Reykjavik and the glacier truck up the glacier) Nowhere but in Iceland will you find vehicles like those we use for our travels today. Crafted for uniquely tough conditions, even a term to describe them had to be invented. “Supertrucks” are the result of decades of insular technical innovation and evolution, from tinkering with old army Jeeps to get further up hill, to our hand-built monsters equally at home crossing Antarctica, the wild Icelandic Highlands – or the highway. Each vehicle is custom built with up to three separate transmissions, two separate steering systems, fully in-cab adjustable four corner air suspension, fully lockable differentials, up to 7.3 litre turbocharged engines, an array of radio equipment, marine-type satellite navigation… Oh, and the biggest available road legal tires in the world. A Supertruck is only ever piloted by a trained professional (usually the owner) who knows not only the extreme limits of his/her machine, but that the full might of that megabuck truck is applicable only with care and intimate knowledge of the sensitive Icelandic sub-Arctic Nature.

Glacier-walk-incentive-iceland program idea
super jeep tour glaciers iceland
gala dinner ice cave iceland

Testimonial DMC Iceland

The group was absolutely thrilled and happy with the experience they had in Iceland! They were very pleased with the services provided by yourself and your colleague. They told me the food was great, the country was beautiful, the organization and service were absolutely TOP NOTCH ! In the words of our tour leader: they expected a lot and gotten even more!

Short Bio Gunnar Rafn Birgisson – Iceland

More about me

I’m an educated business graduate from the University of Iceland and a MBA from the University of Minnesota. I have worked in conjunction with the tourism industry for almost 28 years. 

I helped form the Icelandic Tourist Board and have been in charge of Cruise Iceland since the beginning. I worked in SAF’s travel agency committee and have been in the SA negotiating committee with guides for years. At Atlantik DMC Iceland, we would love to assist you with your conferences and incentives

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