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A warm welcome to Uzbekistan and Dolores Travel. We are Uzbekistan’s leading Destination Management Company and are at your service to prepare great incentives, group travel or events in our country. We confidently lay Uzbekistan in all its majesty at you and your clients feet.  We provide our clients with innovative and creative proposals which we turn into well-organised and well-run events. We are with you every step along the way.  If you want to explore this unique country and experience our services, just contact us, we are here to help!

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About Uzbekistan: event idea, infographic and map

Why Uzbekistan is such a great destination

Uzbekistan conjures up images of traveling through the Asian continent by desert caravans down the Great Silk Road to the West, selling exquisite cloth, exotic spices and oriental treasures. It brought Uzbekistan different cultures and customs, trading riches and great historical cities like Samarkand, Tashkent, Bukhara and Khiva. These architectural treasures are stunning. You will find bustling bazaars, like Tashkent which has one of the largest and oldest farmers’ markets in the center of Asia.

Uzbekistan is great for adventure travel. We have mountains which you can climb, many skiing opportunities, jeep safaris in the deserts to canoeing in the Aral Sea or our many rivers and we even have our beach holidays at the shores of our many lakes.

Uzbek food is one of the most colorful cuisines and strongly linked with our hospitality. Some of our recipes are centuries old. All these ingredients make up the perfect program. We would be happy to send you a sample. 

Incentives and Events in Uzbekistan

Event DMC Uzbekistan

event dmc uzbekistan

“Gold hunters” is a great outdoor team game program for you and your guests

Incentive DMC Uzbekistan

incentiveg dmc uzbekistan quadrocycles for the team

Quadrocycle is one of the most unforgettable kinds of recreation.  It may be combined with racing and makes it interesting and lively.

Meeting DMC Uzbekistan

meeting dmc uzbekistan glamorous conference room

Stunning ballroom setting for a company meeting – Conference in Uzbekistan

Program idea Uzbekistan

Bukhara/ Nurata

Breakfast at Bukhara hotel. On the way to Samarkand, you are waited by another exotic place – “Yurt” camp in Nurata and ride on camels.

City tour in Nurata: an old mosque with spring sacred water and fish, the lock of Alexander the Great, transferring to settlement Yangikazgan, accommodating in the yurt camp “Sputnik Navoi” the camp is equipped with yurtas (houses of nomadic tribes), they are made of simple natural materials – tree and felt.

After small rest ridding on camels, survey of desert district, walk along dunes.

Dinner in specially equipped dining room on nature, then continuation of evening at a fire with live music of Akyn, games and stories about traditions of the nomadic people of Central Asia – this is amazing oriental adventure!
Overnight in yurts

Nutara/ Samarkand

Breakfast. Departure to the Aydarkul Lake. Aydarkul Lake– is a large closed lake in northern-east part of Uzbekistan, is an artificial water basin in Aydar-Arnasa system of the lakes occupying a total area of 4000 km ².

The system includes three lakes with saltish water (actually Aydarkul, Arnasay and Tuscan). Area of Aydarkul lake has good facility for rest, the pedestrian walks and trips astride horses and camels. Aydarkul Lake is capable to admire and fascinate the most tempted, many fine places seeing on earth. Picnic on the bank of lake.

Road to Samarkand – desert will be slowly changing to mountains, where from ancient times holy hermits found own shelter. You are now entering into territory of oases and Afrosiyab hills.

Samarkand – capital of Amir Temur’s Empire and his grandson Mirzo Ulugbek, city beloved by poet Omar Khayam.

DMC Uzbekistan – your partner for incentives, leisure and events

program idea uzbekistan staying at a yurt
program idea uzbekistan fruit market

Testimonials for DMC Uzbekistan

“On behalf  of the Asian Development Bank, I would like to express our sincere appreciation and gratitude for the professional services provided by ou and all concerned staff of your company during the highly successful Forty-Third Annual Meeting held in Tashkent during 1st – 4th May 2010.
The Accompanying Persons Program is an important part of the Annual Meeting and is an ideal opportunity for participants to fain insight into local culture and history of the Host Country. In Uzbekistan, our Annual Meeting participants were provided with a unique opportunity to see many of the historical and cultural sights of Tashkent through their participation in the varied tour program on offer. Many participants have spoken of their high level of satisfaction with the tour program, and in particular of the professionalism, hospitality and kindness extended to them by all those individuals and companies who provided transportation and other services throughout the tours. 
I would like to acknowledge all the hard work and long hours provided by you and your team prior to and during the Annual Meeting and to thank you for the services provided to our Annual Meeting participants. We are confident that all participants greatly enjoyed their visit to Uzbekistan and will return to their home countries with a very good and positive impression of the oppurtunities for the further development of toursim in your country.”
Asian Development Bank


Short bio Farkhad Rasulev – Uzbekistan

More about me

I studied International Travel and Tourism Management at Key Plan College, Great Britain, with special subjects, like world geography, airline business and Galileo reservation systems, Hotel Management and Travel & Tourism Management.

I also trained in the USA at the Marriot Hotel and received a Master’s degree at the Tashkent University. 

I started Dolores Travel in 1997 and our company has grown very successfully. I am proud of my team, many of whom have been with us since the start. I would be delighted to share our Uzbekistan with you.  

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