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With Eshet, you have a fantastic DMC, who is specialised in Jerusalem. We have been creating top events and experiences for VIP guests, groups and incentives for companies. We understand the demands of both client and guests and have excellent staff to accompany you from the start to the finish of your project

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Please visit our Israel page, which includes testimonials and a map of Israel. You will also find more info about me, Amnon Ben David. 

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Why Jerusalem is such a great destination

It is hard to come up with new words to describe Jerusalem, it must surely be one of the most fascinating and impressive cities in the world. Our ancient city where history almost seems to lean heavily on the buildings, streets and daily life is a city you should visit at least once in your life. Jerusalem is sacred to three major religions: Christianity, Judaism and Islam – each vie for space and sometimes even share the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Arabs,and Jews walk the streets, and it all mingles with this amazing history which shows wherever you walk.

You can see it in the walled City of David – more than 4000 years old, the holy Western (wailing) Wall – the most visited site in Israel and the Western Wall tunnels, where you can see the original massive stone walls of Jerusalem,  the restored Jewish quarter,  and the Temple Mount sifting project -where people can experience sifting through rubble of the Temple Mount. 

We would be delighted to assist you with exciting programs to Jerusalem. As distances are not far, Jerusalem is easily combinable with Tel Aviv, The Dead Sea, Masada, Bethlehem and Eilat. 

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After private welcome panoramic tour of Jerusalem, depart for sound and light show at the Tower of David. This signature event in Jerusalem is a “Time Machine” experience that recreates 4,000 years of Jerusalem’s History

The walls of the Citadel serve as a stage for a nighttime show which is a celebration of sight and sound. Amidst the archaeological remains in the Citadel’s courtyard and to the sound of original music, the story of Jerusalem unfolds through giant breathtaking, virtual reality images. The Night Spectacular uses special technology – the stones of the walls and structures fade into the scenes and the screened images envelop the viewers and whisk them off to a one-of-a-kind multi-sensory experience.

Culinary tour of Jerusalem
This tour of the most popular and ancient market Israel is an ethnic melting pot of cultures, religions and immigrants. As a result, the food scene in Israel is extraordinarily diverse and also of a very high standard.

Israeli cuisine comprises of local dishes by people native to Israel and dishes brought to Israel by Jews from the Diaspora. Since before the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, and particularly since the late 1970s, an Israeli Jewish cuisine has developed. Immigrants to Israel have incorporated elements of the cuisines of the cultures and countries from where they originated.

During approximately the fifty years before 1948, there were successive waves of Jewish immigration, which brought with them a whole range of foods and cooking styles. Immigrants arriving from central Europe brought foods such as schnitzel and strudels, while Russian Jews brought borsht and herring. At Eshet, DMC Jerusalem, we would be delighted to send you more program ideas.

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