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At DZK Travel, we are focused on putting together the best events possible for you and your clients. We have a team of 12 people, who speak several languages fluently. We have offices in 5 countries, including Budapest, Prague, Bucharest, Bratislava and Vienna. Prague is where we started and we know the Czech Republic inside-out. We would love to welcome you and your clients to the Czech Republic.

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About the Czech Republic: Event idea, Infographic, Map

Event idea Czech Republic

event idea czech republic

Infographic Czech Republic

infographic czech republic

Map Czech Republic

map czech republic

Why the Czech Republic is such a great destination

The Czech Republic is a little more than 30 years old. However, it has a fine old history as its base, made up by the former lands of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia, once the crossroads between East and West. It shows itself in the beautiful old towns in southern Bohemia, stunning castles and some of the finest baroque, cubist and art nouveau houses and buildings and famous spa resorts. We have a wonderful wine region as well in Southern Moravia. Jewel of the Crown is no doubt the beautiful city of Prague, in which we have our office.

The Czech Republic lends itself very well for the most wonderful incentives and events and we would be delighted to assist with a proposal. At DZK Travel we have some great ideas for you and your clients in the Czech Republic.

Incentives and Events in the Czech Republic

Event DMC Czech Republic

Event Czech Republic

Fantastic Gala Dinner in Prague

Meeting DMC Czech Republic

meeting czech republic
We organise company meetings in different venues.

Incentive DMC Czech Republic

incentive sport czech republic

What is nicer than a good game on the ice 

Program idea DMC Czech Republic

Gala dinner onstage at the Prague Opera

Dazzle your guests: after a performance, dine on the stage of the Prague Opera!

Participate in a unique and extraordinary evening by dining onstage amidst the sets at the Prague State Opera. Restored in the 1980s, this magnificent 19th century building was originally a theatre. Its main hall retains the original red velvet, gilt stucco and crystal chandeliers. Today the most prestigious operas are staged here, from Don Giovanni to Nabucco.

The evening consists of three acts: first you attend a performance. At intermission and at the end of the performance you are invited to a cocktail party in a private room in the Opera. Finally, after the other spectators have left, you’ll go back into the hall, where you’ll find dinner tables set up on the stage amidst the sets.

program idea czech republic
Program idea czech republic

Testimonial for DZK Travel

Dear DZK team,

By now the group is readying for the trip home. By all accounts they have had a wonderful trip, and I would just like to thank you for all your assistance throughout the booking – I know I asked a lot from you as the DMC and without fail you always delivered .

Many thanks from TEAM Sports
South Africa


Short Bio Nicolas Marty – Czech Republic

More about me

I discovered Prague in 1997 when I traveled with my 2CV (a classic student car) all the way from the South of France.This made me decide to start Dizak Ketex (DZK travel) shortly thereafter. I since also opened offices in other countries with my partner Olivier Marty.

I am married with two absolutely adorable  children. When I’m not in Prague, I’m teaching marketing for the “Toulouse Business School”.

I would love to share my knowledge with you at DZK Travel, DMC Czech Republic, to make your next event in Prague your best program ever!


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