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We provide a nice combination of professional service, but a very personal approach of our clients at MidFar. I very much hope you will contact us, so we may show you what MidFar can do for you and your clients. Our office is in Casablanca. We are on the ground and are a competent and reliable partner.

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Please visit our Morocco page, which includes testimonials and a map of Morocco. You will also find more info about me, Hicham Belhadfa. 

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Est. 1992
Centre Comercial Allal Ben abdelah
47 , Rue Allal Ben Abdelah,
magasin Nº 31 ,quartier de l’horloge
20 000 Casablanca

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Why Marrakech is such a great destination

Marrakech, city of roses, fountains and rose petals strewn around in restaurants at tables, in water bowls and rooms. Snake charmers, the smell of incense, freshly squeezed oranges, donkey carts, monkeys, palaces and riad guesthouse, that is what Marrakech is about. The lively Djemaa el-Fna square is where it all happens, with small alley ways leading into the souk, where you can buy carpets, jewelry and soaps.  You have to learn how to haggle though!

Known for the splendid riads, bath houses and magnificent restaurants, you will not leave our city disappointed. Marrakech also forms a great combination with a trip into the desert of Morroco.

We can combine all these wonderful ingredients to create the perfect program for you. Be prepared to be amazed!

Program ideas Marrakech

Explore the colorful Souks (marketplaces) of Marrakech. Each trade – spices , carpets, jewelery, enamel, copper, brass, and leather – is situated in its unique quarter.

Bargain and shop some excellent locally produced handicrafts. Your guide will introduce you to only the finest craftsmen with the very best fabric and silver sellers and assist with bartering ensuring you get the best value possible for your Dirhams.

Well away from the tourist trails, and tucked against the back walls of the medina, are the artisans working in workshops where many of the wonderful products on sale in the Souks are manufactured .

Families work together and fathers training sons to create different items. Skilled craftsmen create new designs daily using ancient tools and reinvigorate time-honored trades such as blacksmithing, saddle making and lute-carving, trellises, lanterns, wall lights hanging


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program idea marrakech artisan workshop
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