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Continent Tours is an IATA accredited Destination Management Company in Senegal. We provide travel arrangements and destination management services in Senegal and neighbouring countries. Our experienced, career travel professionals feel that everyone deserves  tailored service reflecting their individual requirements. Our offices allow us to provide hands-on local and international travel expertise. Continent Tours is your most trusted travel partner in West Africa. We go the extra mile for your clients and ours.

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Why Senegal is such a great destination

On the west coast of Africa, you find beautiful Senegal, known as the Country of Teranga (hospitality). It is one of the most stable and safest countries in West Africa. This amazingly friendly country has a rich French colonial heritage and many natural attractions.

Dakar is the vibrant capital, also known for its festive energetic music, colorful markets and nightlife.

Saint-Louis, a Unesco World Heritage Site, is another beautiful old town with colonial architecture and scenic parks. Île de Gorée and the beaches of Yoff and N’Gor are simply stunning.

Its delicious food with exotic aromas, the friendly people and the stunning landscapes of desert and beach, sleepy fishing villages, form the perfect backdrop for any program you can think of.

Incentives and Events in Senegal

Event DMC Senegal

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Take the ferry to Goree Island, a UNESCO The World Heritage Site, where we organise your company event

Activity DMC Senegal

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DAKAR – game drive in Bandia National Park, located in a 3500-hectare wide conservation area. Bandia has reintroduced much of the native flora and fauna that are unique to West Africa

Incentive DMC Senegal

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Pink Lake, a rare natural phenomena caused by a unique combination of micro-organism and high concentration of salt which gives the lake its pink color.   You will then explore the sand dunes in a 4-wheel drive vehicle or on all terrain bikes.

Program idea DMC Senegal

Late morning we will take the ferry to Goree Island, a UNESCO he World Heritage Site.

Goree Island has many interesting attractions including the oldest church in Senegal – Saint Charles Borromée. The group will walk along the paved streets observing the colonial architecture of the buildings and the interesting colors used for painting. Lunch will be on the island followed by a guided tour of the ethnographic museum with a lecture by the curator about the history of the Island. Late afternoon the ferry takes us back to Dakar.

Today we will visit the city of Dakar and see the most interesting sites Dakar has to offer including:

– The IFAN Museum of African Arts now the Théodore Monod African Art Museum
– The monument “Renaissance Africaine”
– The National Art Gallery and the picturesque residential district of Medina.

This evening dinner will be followed by “Night out in Dakar” at one of our most popular Jazz Clubs.

program idea senegal goree island
program idea dakar
program idea senegal fishing village visit

Testimonial for Continent tours


I would like to extend a HUGE thank you.

We noticed and appreciated your level of professionalism, your friendliness and ability to execute all of our requests without any issues.

We can proudly say it was amazing working with you and the rest of the team, we hope to come back to Senegal soon and host another successful event together.

Kind Regards,

Short Bio Mamadou Goite – Senegal

More about me

I have now worked in the tourism industry in West Africa for more than 15 years. No two days in the travel and tourism industry in West Africa are alike; every day presents a challenge and an adventure, regardless of the language used on location.

I started with Continent Tours when the office was opening in Mali in the summer of 2006, so I too am a Continent Tours Lifer.I look forward to showing you and your clients the best of Senegal and West Africa.

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