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At Abenteuer Afrika Safari, we are the pioneers of incentive travel in Namibia. Our sense of fun and creativity shows in all of our incentives and events, from Champagne delivered from Heaven in a desert to a string quartet waiting for you and your clients at the beach. We know every nook and cranny of our vast country and so does our team. This ensures that we can give you the best advise on what makes programs special.  We would love to show you how special Namibia is.

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Est. 1992
Abenteuer Afrika Safari DMC
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for FITs, groups and MICE to Namibia

About Namibia: Event idea, Infographic, Map

Why Namibia is such a great destination

Namibia became independent in 1966 and our vast country will blow your socks off.

On one side you’ll find the Kalahari dessert and on the other the South Atlantic ocean, which  makes for striking landscapes that Namibia is known for. We have red deserts, where the sand rests at the edge of the blue ocean, beautiful dunes that change color varying from the deepest red, ochre and yellow, depending on the light and rugged mountains.

You can find unique wildlife in Namibia in our grand national parks, like Etosha and the Skeleton Coast. Swakopmund is a paradise for events and incentives where we can incorporate beach, sea and sea adventures.

You’ll find the most amazing lodges set in stunning landscapes. Food is wonderful in Namibia and we can safely claim the best oysters in the world. DMC Namibia, Abenteuer Afrika Safari is at your service. 

Incentives and Events in Namibia

Teambuilding DMC Namibia

teambuilding namibia

Fantastic team building in Namibia – sliding down the dunes. A nice race with your team members

Event DMC Namibia

champagne from heaven in Namibia

Champagne from heaven. A great event which we organise in Namibia and a lovely surprise for the guests.  

Incentive DMC Namibia

incentive namibia gala dinner in the desert

Gala dinner in the desert. A stunning setting with amazing food and a highlight for any incentive

Program idea DMC Namibia


As you head into the dunes you will see that excellent photographic opportunities exist. Here the dunes are reputed to be the highest in the world. Spend the morning walking amongst the dunes in the world’s oldest living desert. Sossusvlei itself is a salt and clay pan surrounded by high red dunes, located in the southern part of the Namib Desert. The name “Sossusvlei” is often used in an extended meaning to refer to the surrounding area, which is one of the major visitor attractions of Namibia. Drive the 70 km’s back to Sesriem and visit the Sesriem Canyon, so named because the early settlers had to tie six harnesses together in order to draw water out the bottom for their thirsty oxen.

Sundowner and Bush dinner

Enjoy being taken to the sundowner site on the unique Uri vehicles. Driving through this breath-taking landscape as the sun is approaching the African horizon. As you arrive at the two elevated Granite outcrops, find a stunning scene with table and chairs set up. Indulge in some snacks and a glass of wine or beer.

Here you can see the colors changing over vast desert planes and sand dunes. After the sun has set, depart to the bush dinner. On arrival Candles and torches suddenly surround us. Beautifully laid tables, and scrumptious dishes on the buffet tables form the set for tonight’s open-air dinner. Enjoy the relaxing ambiance as you get served the drink of your choice.

program idea namibia sossuvlei
program idea namibia sun downer
program idea namibia walk in the desert

Testimonial for Abenteuer Afrika Safari DMC


To all the creative minds of the AAS staff: Thank you thank you thank you!

We cannot find any other words to sufficiently express our gratitude for all the hard work and dedication you must have contributed to make every detail of our family Namibian adventure so magnificent.

From the clear and easy to follow directions, to the serene and luxurious accommodations, to the breathtaking African landscapes, our experience traveling with Abenteuer was truly one we will treasure forever. Your focused attention on customer satisfaction did not go unnoticed by any means, and we cannot imagine having seen the towering sand dunes of Sossusvlei or the majestic lions at Etosha National Park with any other team. Keep up the good work!

Short Bio Hilmar Tonnemacher – Namibia

More about me

Having grown up on a farm in the far south of Namibia, where I learned the values of hard work and creative, lateral thinking. After my studies, I became a successful hotelier.

In 1992, I developed Abenteuer Afrika Safari with Dianne Orban, and became known as “Mr. Namibia”, pioneering incentive travel to Namibia. 

As an outdoor adventurer, my hobbies include motorcycling, four wheel driving, conservation projects and sharing my knowledge of Namibia. I firmly believe our success lies in the passion that my team and I have for Namibia.

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