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A warm welcome to Kazakhstan and Global Air. We are Kazakhstan’s leading Destination Management Company and are at your service to prepare great incentives, group travel or events in our country. With  a strong team of experts, we confidently lay Kazakhstan in all its majesty at you and your clients feet.  We provide our clients with innovative and creative proposals which we turn into well-organised and well-run events. We are with you every step along the way.  If you want to explore this unique country and experience our services, just contact us, we will start working right away!

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About Kazakhstan: event idea, infographic and map

Event idea Kazakhstan

event idea kazakhstan

Infographic Kazakhstan

infographic kazakhstan

Map Kazakhstan

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Why Kazakhstan is such a great destination

Kazakhstan is a great countries for adventures. The ninth biggest country in the world has stunning landscapes.  The Southern part of Kazakhstan borders on the great deserts of Central Asia. This is where the old caravan routes linking the trading centers in the West and the Orient are located. Kazakhstan has  the Aral Sea, high mountains, lakes and green valleys. It also has the world’s highest Olympic-sized skating rink, Medeu, a breathtakingly beautiful location. 
It has underground mosques and lovely country villages. 

It’s a great country for hiking, skating, watching wildlife and enjoying the Kazakhstan hospitality of the nice people in our country. 

All these ingredients make up the perfect program. At Global Air, DMC Kazakhstan, we would be happy to send you a sample. 

Incentives and Events in Kazakhstan

Event DMC Kazakhstan

event dmc kazakhstan desert walking

The desert in Kazakhstan is absolutely beautiful. Excursions and events can be held here.

Tour DMC Kazakhstan

tour dmc kazakhstan restaurant

Spectacular setting for a true barbecue restaurant for you and your clients

Incentive DMC Kazakhstan

incentive dmc kazakhstan

Water is an essential ingredient for a successful incentive. Time for a picnic after the boating activities

Program idea Kazakhstan

Visit Charyn Canyon

Charyn Canyon, which compared to the beauty of the Grand Canyon in Colorado, located east of Almaty. Unique forms of erosion and weathering of the relief will take you to the fantastic, surreal world of whimsical sculptures of sandstone “Castle Valley,” “Witches Gulch,” and others. The height of the steep slopes, columns and arches up to 150-300 meters. The canyon stretches for 154 km northeast to south-west, along the Charyn River, which is ideal for rafting. It remained rare representative of the vegetation of the globe – Sogdian ash, a survivor of the epoch of glaciations

Following Abylaykhan Valley you will feast your eyes upon Ush-kyz, Ok-Zhetpes, Zhumbaktas rocks and Kokshetau Mountain, each having the surprising legends reflecting history and identity of the Kazakh people. During the tour you will have lunch in a local cafe and 30-minute free time to walk in the wood. Further, you will have an easy hiking at Bolektau mountain, on top of which you will enjoy the tremendous view of Borovoe Lake and its surrounding areas.

Excursion to Borovoe allows to remove not only physical but also psychological fatigue and also to enjoy marvelous views of an unusual oasis in the middle of the Kazakhstan steppe. The century pine woods hide a set of secrets and riddles, attracting by beauty and greatness.

program idea kazakhstan rock climbing
program idea kazakhstan lake

Testimonials for DMC Kazakhstan


 Many participants have spoken of their high level of satisfaction with the tour program, and in particular of the professionalism, hospitality and kindness extended to them by all those individuals and companies who provided transportation and other services throughout the tours. 
I would like to acknowledge all the hard work and long hours provided by you and your team prior to and during the Annual Meeting in Kazakhstan.  

Short bio Gulden Ospanova – Kazakhstan

More about me
In order to resolve different challenges in such a huge country, but at the same time still a very young state like Kazakhstan, I received a higher education in areas. In acquiring a unique practical experience, I worked for many years at Austrian Airlines and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, where I specialized in sales in my region: Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan.

All my experience and education help me in the development and growth of our company Global Air TMC & DMC. Today it is a company with more than 180 employees that offers its services in various segments.

Having devoted my entire life to customer service, first as Lead Sales Specialist, and later as General Director of leading tourism company in Kazakhstan & Central Asia, I always appreciate the comfort of my customers, both in their service and in their journey. Of course, I teach my team the same attitude towards each of our clients.

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