El Calafate incentive – fabulous tour off-road 4 x 4 jeeps

El Calafate – For nearly one hundred years Patagonia has been homeland of rugged sheep farmers whose
lonely lives are the history of hardships endured in the vast country of southern Argentina.
The great Andes range creeps gradually close as it approaches the straits of Magellan and
Patagonia becomes a spectacle of towering mountains, foaming rivers, growing glaciers and
gentle creeks. There is nothing more exciting and humiliating than nature seen in their
marvelous wild distant country. All comfortably seen and experienced around Lago

el calafate incentive

El Calafate incentive

The town of Calafate centres the drives and lake crossings, the visits of the
Moreno Glacier which uniquely grows, cracks and tumbles into the splashing lake; to the
Upsala and Onelli glaciers…

Tour off road in 4×4 to Balcony of El Calafate incentive
From the traditional alternatives, the 4×4 experience is a substantially different option. In
this regard, “Balcón de El Calafate” is doubtlessly an activity where visitors can feel both the
adrenaline that the off-roading generates as well as the quietness created by the silence in
that place. Moreover, visitors have the possibility of gazing at the immensity of a landscape
where the steppe’s dryness gives way to civilization until it blends into the Argentino Lake
and the mountains.

El Calafate incentive

The trip sets off from El Calafate to later on reach 1050 mts above sea level until it reaches
the first Balcony where visitors enjoy a panoramic view of El Calafate and the Eastern side of
the Argentino Lake. With no clouds in the sky, visitors may also be able to see both the
Chaltén and Torre mounts as well as the condor’s flight.
The trip goes on until it reaches the Stones’ Labyrinth, an 85 million year-old Cretacic
formation where vehicles start descending towards the “Sombreros” stones, the place chosen
to have a snack and something to drink.
Without leaving the Argentino Lake’s image behind, the trip back to Calafate begins in order
to complete the 35 kilometre tour.
This activity is carried out by 4×4 trucks which can hold up to 6 people, apart from the
new XL vehicles with a capacity of 25 people, which offer a complete new alternative for

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