Schooner cruise in Rio

Schooner cruise in Rio – wonderful teambuilding activity 2022

Schooner cruise in Rio

Schooner Cruise through Guanabara Bay Among the bays of the world, Guanabara is reputed to be the largest in water volume. The beauty of the 360-degree view makes a boat tour on the bay a favorite activity to many like seeing the Sugar Loaf from a new angle.

The bay is 31 km long and at its widest, 28, an imposing 413 sq. kilometers under the constant surveillance of five 16th and 17th century forts. Sailors in the past dreaded these forts crossfire power. The bay has 80 islands, some big where you find the international airport, the Navy Yard, the summer residence of the state governor, etc., and some very small, just a barren rock jutting out of the water. A few sights catch the eyes, planes landing at the Santos Dumont domestic airport, the 70 meter high pillars of the Rio-Niterói biridge and the quaint gothic style castle on Fiscal island.

Options Schooner cruise in Rio

Option 1 Schooner cruise in Rio: Pirate Attack
A schooner will be hiding, waiting for the passenger’s schooner to arrive to “attack” their boat. The pirate’s schooner is decorated to remind a real pirate boat. Inside the pirate’s schooner will be actors dressed as pirates and a captain with swords. When they approach to “attack” fireworks will remind the sounds of a cannon. After the “attack” the actors will perform music and dance together with the tourists.

Option 2 Schooner cruise in Rio: Samba Trio & 2 Mulatas will entertain on board of the Schooner
The contagious rhythm of Samba and the lovely mulatto girls dancing are an invitation to join in the fun! It makes one feel like dancing!

Schooner cruise in Rio – Informal Lunch on board of the schooner

Open bar including mineral water, soft drinks, caipirinhas & beers on board

The Group will visit a social project will help young people in precarious situation giving them an opportunnity in the soccer.

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Weather in Brazil

About Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is located in the Southeastern zone, in the Atlantic Ocean coast. The city is privileged with a great geographical position with wide beaches and impressive mountains. Known as “Cidade Maravilhosa” – the marvelous city – Rio is a perfect combination of warm weather, beautiful sceneries, friendly people, music and happiness. A beauty that comes from its natural tropical environment where mountains, forests, beaches, lagoons, and vegetation form a dramatic back-drop.

The wonders of Rio can be admired from the top of the Sugar Loaf: impressive in its own height, it guards the entrance of the Guanabara Bay; and also by the feet of the Corcovado Statue that blesses the entire city with his open arms and dominates most of the Carioca skyline.
There are other equally inspiring mountains such as “Dois Irmãos” and the “Pedra da Gávea” to appreciate. There is also the Tijuca Forest, the largest urban forest in the world. Rio’s other natural attractions include the beaches; the Botanical Garden; the Bay of Guanabara and Paquetá island; and the city’s many parks and gardens. Man has also produced his own attractions which include the city’s many museums and galleries that cover a wide range of topics and styles.

For all its natural beauty, Rio de Janeiro – with a population of around 6 million – is still one of the world’s biggest and most populated cities. Therefore, Rio offers its visitors the infrastructure its status merits. It offers a wide selection of hotels, restaurants, bars; it has numerous exhibition and conference centers; the cultural and sporting scene is justifiably famous; the shops and stores are world class; the city has well developed telecommunications, banking, financial and medical services and an extensive transport system which allows visitors and residents to move around the city easily be it by car, taxi, bus, bicycle or on foot.

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